Utilising social media to manage projects

18 March 2014

Social media is built upon a shared value required of Project Managers – communication.

It's fundamental for both to succeed; without users tweeting their opinions and engaging in debate there'd be little reason to use Twitter, and without clear messages to colleagues no project would get done.

It's a trait that will feature on every project management job spec and is something that can be facilitated by the very social networks 1.97 billion of us worldwide use to chat with friends, share family photos or organise birthday get-togethers everyday.

To improve the way you manage tasks leading job board CV-Library takes a look at why social media might be worth utilising to bring success to your project management role.

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There's more to Facebook than uploading photos of your last holiday

With Facebook Groups, you can create a central hub for project communication that brings all team members together.

Beyond an open thread of conversation where all members can contribute, Groups allow users to attach files, share images and run opinion polls to gauge opinions.

You can also create and link Events to the group to keep on top of things like meetings by knowing who'll be in attendance, reminding users with notifications and sharing additional information.

It's also worth mentioning that, if you're recruiting for a new team member, Facebook can be a useful platform to screen candidates.

However, be cautious of their privacy and potential discrimination.

Useful for: organisation, communication, candidate screening

Google isn't simply a search engine

Through Google+ you can create private or public Communities to share information with others – much like Facebook's Groups.

A really useful tool is Hangouts - a live platform where users can engage in group conversations either through instant messaging or video conferencing.

This can be particularly useful to bring people together for meetings or catch ups, no matter where in the country – or world – they are.

Google+ also boasts a useful calendar service that can be synced up to other email accounts to send reminders for those important deadlines and events.

Useful for: communication, time management

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Twitter isn't just about sharing what you've had for dinner

Twitter is a great tool to let others know what you're up to.

In short written updates are great for marketing and communication because you can share news and information about the exciting project you're working on.

With a recent redesign that encourages users to share multimedia, like images or Vines videos, Twitter is a great tool to visually engage others and to get their creative juices flowing.

With smart content planning, which includes keyword usage, you can broaden your audience and awareness on what you're working on.

Useful for: customer engagement, marketing

As well as all these positives for project management, social media can also be used for personal development in navigating the web.

With so many global users, some of the major social networks are leading the way in regards to user interface – UI - and user experience - UX – so much so that other leading sites and online services are following suit.

By using these sites more and more, you'll become more savvy in navigating the web.

A prime example is job boards, like us at CV-Library, who have begun to share similarities with social networks to ensure that UX is seamless as users surf to and from our site stress free.

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